The Dub Workshop
Tutor: Spider
Time: 3.30 – 5pm
Location: Media Hub

The Dub Workshop is a master class designed to give young producers & emerging artists a more in depth insight into Dub & Bass Driven Music

At the workshop we will cover the origins of dub, brief history of reggae dub, sound systems, dub engineering, multi track digital/ analogue recording techniques plus how to make good dub influenced beats using modern equipment.

Delivery method will start with a welcome greeting, name check & what you do followed by a 15-20 min information & questions session in the media suite (If available). We will be using mp3s, CDs & You Tube to listen to examples of dub tracks. We’ll then have a brief discussion about how they were constructed. All information can be shared via individual computer workstations or using the projector & audio amplifier.

Timing of session will be 1.5 hours, between 3.30- 5pm

The outcome will be a deeper understanding of dub & bass driven music in general. I intend to pass on knowledge of recording techniques, basic understanding of reggae, dub, dancehall & bashment to coincide with ‘City Splash’.

Equipment needed is an iMac Workstation & set of headphones per person. If anybody wants to input audio, a sound card will be required. Live instruments & microphones can also be recorded via the same soundcard onto any individual workstation or remote computer. All recording equipment is available from the technicians at Roundhouse.

The DJ Workshop
Tutor: Jonas, Josh (sometimes Eddy Smyth)
Time: 2- 3.30pm
Location: DJ Hub

DUBWISER DANCEHALL are an eclectic DJ team based in London/Oxford currently doing UK festivals, gigs & DJ Workshops with the emphasis on DUB/Reggae music. Spinning vinyl, Dubplates, CDJ's & computer software via memory keys incorporating Mic Chanting, Toasting using FX's & even live instruments! Musical genres go from Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Ragga/Hip Hop, Dancehall, Bashment, to Dubstep & 'anything good with a heavy Bassline'

Their last EP got picked up by 9PR, made waves in all the credible places paving the way for eagerly anticipated future releases/collaborations with emerging artists.

Dub Poetry Workshop
Tutor: Connie B
Time: 4-5.30pm
Location: Made Bar

The idea is to immerse YP's into an area that is relatively new to them and to give them inspiration and insight into new mediums of expression. The cultural exchange also allows a platform for YP's to intellectually grasp the rich heritage and variety of Dub Culture and the wisdom behind it, by so doing looking at reggae and the people who do reggae in a respectful light.

The formula is to marry Heritage with the Arts with a youth project at The National Archives

Connie B carry’s the following:
  • Drummer Musician
  • Footage on PPT (projector etc my equipment)
  • Music /Drama Therapy training (M.A. in Applied Theatre and Community Development)
  • A rich Background of running poetry shows/workshops in the U.K., U.S.A. &Caribbean with Dub Poetry founding fathers i.e Mutabaruka etc
  • An educational dub c.d. that I give to participants at the end of the Workshop.

Master class Workshop
Channel One
Time: 3-3.30PM
Location: Main Room & Made Bar

An opportunity to attend a small hands on Master class with the best in the business, Get an opportunity to learn the background to this highly successful sound system with a Q&A session to boot!

Poet: Paul Cree
Appearing: 6.00 pm
Location: Made Bar

Paul is a writer and performer who from Surrey and based in London. He has performed poems and stories at events and festivals around the UK such as Lattitude and Bestival, as well as appearing in several theatre productions. In 2012 he was commissioned by The Roundhouse to write and perform his first solo show, A Tale From The Bedsit which will be touring in 2015.